Our Path. Our Purpose.

Pathfindr Coaching is a self discovery and leadership training organization. We use various evidence-based experiential approaches to ignite creativity and deepen connections with ourselves and with others. We offer our clients unique, holistic programs that integrate techniques by way of Equus Coaching®, Design Thinking, Emotional Intelligence and Biomimicry. By combining equine assisted interactions with coaching, we reveal a unique path leading to an individual journey of self-discovery, awareness and authentic leadership for each client. With awareness, acceptance, and tools for transition, we support our clients in finding their own path forward. More than a coach at an equestrian center, we’re a unique kind of wellbeing space that puts purpose and people at our core, serving as a catalyst for celebrating individuality, leading authentically and changing lives.

We custom-create our coaching and workshop programs to serve the needs of our clients, whether they are short-term sessions and workshops, or long-term retainer engagements.


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Daryle’s Professional Story

Working in the corporate world of consumer products, licensing and manufacturing for the last 20 years has brought me to a new place were I feel called to share in a new paradigm shift. Since 1997, I’ve held various director and Vice President roles and have been traveling the globe working with Fortune 500 retailers, manufacturers, designers and sales organizations across 20 + countries. I have lead design, product development and innovation teams, established sourcing offices internationally as well as personally developed 6 design patents. My experiences, travels and multicultural business relationships have given me a unique global perspective of the new emerging business world. To me, it all boils down to the fact that we are all connected. We live and work in a complex eco-system much like the eco-systems we see in nature. Today, global business is changing at a rapid pace faster than has ever been seen in human history. Most companies can’t keep up with the speed and pace of change as the competitive landscape broadens. This is where I can help. The new professional can gain insights into not only surviving but THRIVING by tapping into the vast insights and knowledge of the natural world. In conjunction with horses and nature, our coaching, personal development workshops and leadership programs help individuals and teams learn valuable, hands-on authentic leadership, emotional intelligence and intuitive lessons. By tapping into the vast knowledge of nature, and using Biomimicry as a framework for learning, we find our best models for collaboration, connection, well-being, health, wellness and purpose.

Join me for a Pathfindr Equus Coaching session or workshop and find your path…find your purpose.

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Daryle's Personal Story 

As a kid growing up in north Georgia, I was around farm animals my whole childhood. Of all the animals I encountered, horses had a magnetic quality to me. I was drawn to their power, sensitivity, humility, speed, grace, and strength. I spent much of my time in the barn or pastures. During particularly difficult periods in my life, I could always rely on the nurturing, comforting presence of horses. As I transitioned to my corporate life, I found myself expanding my worldview and learning important lessons about human nature. I had the opportunity to work with a range of Fortune 500 companies and interact with hundreds of different people around the world. I moved up the ranks and took on leadership positions such as director and Vice President. What stuck out for me in my experiences was how valuable authentic human relationships can be. I saw many companies failing to invest in their culture and lose out on helping their employees reach their fullest potential. After 20 years in the corporate world of consumer products, licensing, and manufacturing, I decided I needed a change. I left my corporate life behind to pursue my passion for helping people. I discovered Equus Coaching® in the Fall of 2016. I showed up on a secluded, foggy mountainside ranch in Arroyo Grande, California for a private session with Equus Coaching® founder, Koelle Simpson and her 6 horses. My short time with her was nothing short of transformative. Not only did our session bring me clarity and grounding in my own life, but it helped me realize how I can pursue my real passion. Since that day, I’ve earned my Equus Coaching certification and helped countless individuals and businesses work towards success as they define it. Pathfindr was created out of my desire to help serve others on their own path of learning, transformation and healing. Throughout my life, horses have been a source of comfort and wisdom. I hope that they can continue to be a source of comfort and wisdom for others as well.

(left) Dad tossing me up onto my first horse, Scout at age 6.  (right) Me on my rocking horse in the kitchen.

(left) Dad tossing me up onto my first horse, Scout at age 6.

(right) Me on my rocking horse in the kitchen.