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Reach out. Share your intentions. Let us assemble a unique plan to find your path.

We serve to listen, to navigate, to connect.

Challenge your perception. Renew your view. Improve your process. Find your Path.

Some of our core offerings

• Leadership Training

• Team Building Seminar

• Empathy Workshop

• Design Thinking Workshop

• Creativity and Innovation Training

• Emotional Intelligence



How can a horse help you improve your business?

True collaboration happens when we can connect authentically with each other. Horses are highly perceptive animals, free from biases, preconceived notions and stories. This makes them great mirrors of our internal narrative when we begin to interact and communicate. These visceral reactions help us draw parallels between our communication in the round pen and our approach at the office. As we become aware of behaviors and our internal narratives, we can begin to shift perspectives and behaviors to bring about alignment, better connection and more authentic leadership.

By combining equine assisted interactions with coaching, Daryle reveals a unique path leading to an individual journey of self-discovery, awareness and authentic leadership for each client.

With awareness, acceptance, and tools for transition, your way forward becomes one of balance, healing, and an authentic alignment of body, mind, and spirit.

A horse can help you:

• Learn to align your intention with your body language

• Identify and shift patterns of negative self-talk

• Learn to communicate with intention and clarity

• Recognize communication patterns that sabotage your message

• Learn to collaborate and connect authentically

Learn how non-verbal communication, internal narrative, and presence affect your ability to lead and project your intentions. Co-facilitated by horses, you will complete exercises that lead to greater self-awareness, enhanced intuition, and increased sense of self.


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How can my company benefit?

Top companies are recognizing that the key to creating a successful organization is placing priority on fostering creativity, innovation, collaboration, and emotional intelligence. Human capital is the most valuable asset in any business. Shape your company culture in a way that encourages growth and helps your employees reach their full potential.

Join us as we lead and help shift the leadership paradigm and:

• Instill a sense of ownership among employees in the company’s success

• Apply more collaborative and emotional intelligence methods to daily work

• Develop the skills to support a culture of creativity and innovation

• Grow your team’s problem-solving toolkit

• Solve problems collaboratively

If you set the intention, your team can accomplish anything. We make it our mission to help teams recognize and engage with their best selves. We believe that successful professional relationships lead to a more productive workforce.

Push the limits of possibility. 

Let the unique and conveniently located Dallas Equestrian Center provide the backdrop for your next corporate retreat or company meeting. With incredible sunrises, sunsets and a nearly daily dose of sunshine, the Dallas Equestrian Center is the ideal destination for groups looking to experience unique equine activities and inspiring outdoor adventures.

Groups of 8 or more can take advantage of special group packages. 





About Daryle

Daryle draws from his 20+ years as a corporate leader to identify the gaps in corporate culture. He looks to creative collaboration and open communication as a tool for innovation. He helps both individuals and businesses reach success through self-reflection and collaboration.

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Some of the Amazing Companies Daryle has worked with



What to Expect

We create custom programs according to the needs of each group or individual. A typical workshop includes:

  • Interactive learning with our horses

  • Sharing insights and gathering feedback

  • Collaborative team challenges and discussions

  • Developing tools for creativity and innovation

  • Accountability for integration


To Book Your Team’s Workshop, or Submit Your Request For Proposal Please Reach Out.

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