1. Initial Questionnaire

We start by asking you questions about your life, your relationships, your work life, your goals and intentions to get a better understanding of what you hope to achieve from your session.

2. Safety Protocol

Part of every session includes an overview of the safety procedures and protocols. Horses are naturally curious animals with a desire to connect, but we do recognize the risk of working with 1,000+ lb animals.

3. Initial Interactions with the Horse

Clients never ride the horses, but are asked to enter a round pen or arena with the goal of simply exploring communication with the horse. The horse’s natural reactions along with your coache’s questions will help you gain awareness, uncover larger questions about yourself, your internal dialogue, how you treat yourself and the way that you present yourself to others.

4. Dialogue with the Horse

Horses are incredibly perceptive creatures and offer insightful biofeedback. Their heightened senses allow them to pick up on non-verbal cues with unmatched accuracy. The horse becomes a mirror of your own internal communication, stories and feelings. When the horse senses incongruencies, negative energy or bodily tension, they tend to move away. When you interact from a place of internal congruency and alignment with feelings, body language and movement, the horse can sense this alignment and will tend to want to be near to you and interact.

5. Using the Horse as a Conduit for Larger Conversation

As this dialogue plays out during the session, you start to draw parallels between these interactions and the common interactions you have with the people in your life and your world in general. How is negative self-talk impacting how you relate to others? How much more effective is your communication when you connect more deeply with the people you’re speaking to? When you confront these questions, get clear and begin to shift your awareness, you can actually see an immediate change in the horse’s reactions. There is nothing quite as exhilarating as that A-HA moment when you see that shift and change.

6. Awareness, Self-Discovery, New Perspectives and Follow-up

As the session progresses, you and your coach will explore questions, interactions and points of awareness more in-depth. Your new discoveries and points of awareness will allow you to shift perspectives and reactions and incorporate them into your daily life in a way that’s true to you. At the end of your session, your coach will discuss actionable steps to help support you so that you can work toward positive, conscious shifts in your daily life. Your coach will discuss follow up and accountability actions for next steps and future coaching sessions.